13 Fascinating Facts About The Majority Of Russians


Russian porn star Luba Love--one of many Russian female porn stars Russian porn star Luba Love–one of many Russian female porn stars

Business Insider has published a very popular article on their website, revealing some truths about Russia’s people.

I’ll add a fourteenth truth. As noted at google books, pornography is big business in Russia. See, I’ll tell you the truth the mainstream media won’t.

Now, with that fascinating tidbit out of the way, let’s see the 13 fascinating facts about Russia presented in BI.

The average Russian adult consumes 15 liters of pure alcohol annually, far more than the 9-liter average in America. Heavy drinking has been blamed for alarmingly high early death rates for Russian men.

alcohol in russia

56% of Russians aren’t pleased with the quality of their drinking water, the worst of the 36 nations ranked by OECD.

60% of Russians think their country is moving in the right direction.

60% of adult Russian males smoke tobacco.

63% of…

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